Goods and services presented on our website can be purchased in two ways

1. Select the product or service you are interested in, click the button - into the BASKET, then click the button ORDER ORDER. In order to receive a welcome bonus - a discount, select REGISTER - YES. Registered users have a number of preferences: regular bonuses, discounts, special prices for a number of goods and services. Participation in the drawing of valuable gifts. Welcome bonus of 100bat, each registered.

2. Calling or contact any other method presented on the site with the manager and phone mode to place an order.

After making an application for the purchase of an excursion / show on the site, the system checks the availability of seats for the selected date, then select the payment method. Then within 15 minutes you will be called back by the manager to confirm the application. The courier will deliver tickets for shows or vouchers for excursions, free of charge on Phuket Island. In case the method of payment was chosen - Payment to the Courier - the payment is made in cash by Thai Bats, or by bank transfer through a mobile banking terminal.

The order of excursions / shows on the next day after the order is carried out till 18.00 (GMT + 7) of the current day. During the peak months (December, January, February), please specify the availability of places for an excursion / show from the manager.

In the peak months, the correct solution is to plan visits to excursions and shows on the first day of rest, contact the manager to help you plan visits to excursions and shows at your best.

It is not necessary to postpone excursions on the last days of vacation, waves are likely such situations as: lack of tickets / seats, storm warning (sea excursions).

Many sea excursions are quite a big load on the body, do not take 2-3-4 sea excursions in a row, it's better to alternate them with visiting cultural-historical, entertainment shows.