Affiliate program

Affiliate program

Please carefully read this agreement in its entirety.

1. Terms.

"Company" - an organization that provides services on the site, which unites the activities of a network of suppliers' companies related to the organization of cultural and tourist events for Customers, is a registered intellectual property object of GetPhuket Co., LTD, which is registered in accordance with the laws of Thailand and applicable international law.

"Partner" is a webmaster (natural or legal person) working to attract Clients to the Company's website on the Internet.

"Partner program" is a form of business cooperation between the Company and Partners.

"Client / Clients of the Company" means a user of the Software / program provided by the Company who came to / from the Company's website through the Partner's link, who registered the account and completed the purchase of services.

"Partner's Commission" - the commission of the Partner from the Company's profit received from the Company's Clients attracted by the Partner. It is credited to the partner account in the Partner Program.

"Payment" means the transfer of money from the Partner's Partner account in the Partner Program to the Partner's account in the payment system (available upon request).

2. Acceptance of the Rules.

By registering in the Partner Program, the Partner recognizes that he fully understands the Terms and Conditions of the partnership program and agrees with them.

Partial agreement with the Rules is not allowed. Registration in the Partner Program demonstrates the Partner's acceptance of absolutely all provisions of the Rules.

Ignorance / not familiarization with the Rules does not relieve the Partner of responsibility for their non-fulfillment, violation. Registration of the Partner in the Partner Program automatically indicates the Partner's knowledge of absolutely all the provisions of the Rules.

All information and data provided by the Partner upon registration in the Partner Program are accurate, and will be updated regularly if the information and information about the Partner are updated.

Registration in the Partner Program is carried out by opening an account. The account is opened by filling in the appropriate form.

When working with the Partner Program, it is prohibited:

- Promotion of the Company's website by any type of spam .

- Provide the Company's Clients with untrue information about the Company, non-existent bonuses, promotions.

- To register by the Partner of the fictitious Partner for receiving payments for the involved Partner.

In case of revealing the Partner's actions related to the violation of the rules of the Partner Program, the Partner's account in the Partner Program will be blocked. The money accrued to the partner account will be written off in the Company's income.

If the commission is incorrectly charged to the Partner due to a malfunction in the work of statistics or other reasons, the Affiliate Program has the right to make corrective operations on the Partner's account.

3. By adopting the Rules, the Partner confirms the following:

- he is an adult in accordance with the personal law applicable to him (the right of citizenship, the right of residence, etc.);

- he acts on his own behalf and in his own interests;

- his legal capacity and capacity are not limited;

- the legality of its participation in the Company's Partner Program via the Internet in accordance with the applicable current right of its residence, its citizenship;

- the partner bears full responsibility for the safety of his login and password for entering the Partner Program.

assuming the obligation not to use and not to access the services and information resources of the Partner Program for illegal, illegal purposes, as well as to unlawfully influence the Company's information resources, and also provide access to third parties;

- the assumption of the obligation not to cause property and moral harm to the Company, persons, structures and other Clients connected with it by commission of any unlawful, unlawful actions;

- he is obliged under his full responsibility to pay all taxes, fees and other mandatory payments associated with obtaining income from the Partner Program.

4. Changes and additions.

The affiliate program has the right with a regularity that considers it necessary and appropriate to make changes and additions to existing and existing Rules.

Information about all changes and additions will be available on the Partner Program page.

The responsibility for acquaintance with the additions and changes to the Rules lies with the Partner.

The affiliate program of reserves the right to refuse to cooperate with this or that Partner without explaining the reasons.

5. The Commission of the Partner from the Company's attracted Customers.

The partners leading the Clients to the Company's website receive from 10 to 35% of the Company's net income from the attracted Clients.

The net income of the Company is calculated by the formula:

Net income of the Company = A - B - C - D - E, where

A - the difference between the purchase price of the product / service and the cost of the service on the Company's website;

B - material bonuses, which the Client used in the process of obtaining the service;

C - commission of payment systems for the conducted transactions;

D - ChargeBacks - reviews of payments on plastic cards.

E - is the cost of processing the service ordered by the client.

The list of goods / services and commissions on them is available in the partner office.

6. Order and terms of settlements with partners.

The reporting period is equal to the calendar month.

Charges for the expired period are made on the first day of the next (new) period.

After the money is credited to the partner account, the Partner has the opportunity to make a request for withdrawal of money.

The money is paid within 72 hours from the receipt of the withdrawal request.

The minimum payment from the partner account is 1500 Thai Baht.

The withdrawal of funds is carried out by bank transfer, crediting to VISA / MasterCard, cash in the office, through payment systems: PayPal, Bitcoin.

The affiliate program has the right to make payments to the Partner in a manner different from the method specified in the request for payment.

7. Commission of the Partner from the involved Partners.

The partner has the opportunity to earn on attracting Partners in the Partner Program.

The Partner's commission from the involved Partners is 10% of the earnings of all involved Partners. At the same time, the commission of attracted Partners from the Company's Clients attracted is paid to them in full.