Registration of airline tickets for a visa.

Registration of airline tickets for a visa.

The information is current for February 2018.

To begin with, you need to understand a number of points about how the airline booking system works.

After completing the form on the airline's website (or on the site of the aggregator) containing the departure / arrival point, the number of passengers, dates, passport data, the form is checked by the airline for validity, seats are confirmed, reservations are made, the reservation is included in the international reservation system Amadeus (or rather a few, but most of it is processed in the Amadeus system). You are given an armor number of the alphabetic or alphanumeric type - HXMYDR.

Further, the airline expects you to pay for tickets. Each airline sets a payment deadline for the booked tickets in accordance with its internal rules and the waiting time for you to pay may be from 8 hours to 10 days.

A very important point, international booking systems, including the Amadeus system, have air ticket statuses, so there are only two

CONFIRMED - booking confirmed by the airline

NOT CONFIRMED - booking not confirmed by the airline

After registration, the ticket in the reservation system is automatically assigned the status - CONFIRMED. Further, the airline waits for you to pay for tickets in accordance with the rules established by internal regulations, if the payment does not arrive, the airline changes the status of your ticket in the booking system to NOT CONFIRMED.

In the international booking system NO status is paid a ticket or not paid. Information about the just-booked ticket and the paid ticket in the database is equivalent. Any relying party who has access to the booking system can see only two CONFIRMED or NOT CONFIRMED statuses by reservation number. There are no other statuses. And if you checked the ticket on the airline's website or on the resource providing access to booking bases and saw the status of CONFIRMED, and the checking party claims that your ticket is not valid / not paid / etc. - you know one thing, you are blatantly lied to render services that are not necessary for you.

At the moment (February 2018) of the popular methods, there is perhaps one guaranteed method of obtaining armor.

Method for 5 - 7 USD .

We turn to the site, choose the date and airline you are interested in, the standard procedure for issuing the ticket, but before the payment you will see the opportunity to choose the item - the formulation of the reservation for the visa. We select this item, pay for it, we receive a reservation for the post office. Further, we necessarily check the reservation on the airline's website and / or through special services

In case you did not find your reservation on the airline's website or on the above services, write to the chat on the website, respond promptly and replace your reservation.

The option of obtaining the reservation directly on the airline's website also has a place, but there are often pitfalls in the form of: a very short-lived booking period, possibly not entering the international base and the reservation number will be internal, then falling into the black list of this airline.