LG 42

Included in the price
  •  Insurance yes
  •  Snorkelling equipment yes
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50 000.00฿

 Individual programs*
 Fishing, diving, snorkeling*
 Menu À la Carte*
 After sending the application, the manager will contact you to agree on all the details of your trip.

 If you are not on Phuket, there is an opportunity to conclude a contract remotely, the manager can also conduct an online video tour of the yacht (for luxury yachts and above).

 Each ship is equipped with a certified crew, modern means of navigation, communications. There is a complete set of all means of salvation. All passengers are insured.

 Possible long-term rental of the vessel, drawing up individual routes, the organization of additional entertainment on board.

 *Check with the manager conditions and availability

Be surrounded by fish in your own floating hotel room! And do not stop there: enjoy daily thrills with deep sea fishing, snorkeling, ocean kayaking, oars landing and wildlife safaris.

Visit to the Coral islands - 42 000 ฿

c 08.00-13.00

c 10.00-15.00

Visiting the islands of Racha Yai - 50 000 ฿

c 09.00-16.00

Visit to the islands of Maiton - 50 000 ฿

c 09.00-16.00

Visit to the islands of Coral + Racha - 50 000 ฿

c 09.00-16.00

Visit to the islands of Coral + Maiton - 50 000 ฿

c 09.00-16.00

Visit to the islands of Khai Nok + Coral - 60 000 ฿

c 09.00-16.00

Visiting the islands Phi-Phi - 125 000 ฿

c 01.00-01.00

Visiting the islands of Khai Nok-Nai - 114 000 ฿

c 01.00-11.30

Visit to the islands of Racha - 114 000 ฿

c 01.00-11.30

Included in the price
Insurance yes
Snorkelling equipment yes
Rescue means yes
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Cancellations due tocharterer

you have the right to cancel your booking at anytime. Cancellation charges are as follows:

Less than 14 days prior to departure date- 50% of full charter Agent Rate charged

Less than 48 hours to prior to departure date- 100% of full charter Agent Rate

2)Unforeseen Cancellation

Due to bad weather warning issued by the Thailand National Weathet report: an alternate date will be offered or a full refund provided.

Due to act of god: riot, cyclone etc.: no refund.

3)cancellations due to Doat Owner

Option 1 : The owner will provide an alternate boat of the same or higher standard

Option 2: a full refund provided.

Transfer - by appointment

Russian tour guide - by appointment

Water, soft drinks


Snorkelling equipment

Security vests


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