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Friends! The best school in Phuket Level UP! Exlusive method of studying foreign languages. You get knowledge, a student visa, which will allow you to legally reside in the Kingdom of Thailand.

How many opportunities the modern world offers us. Learning on the other side of the world is becoming more possible. But what is needed for this, how to get the desired knowledge with the benefit for yourself and at the same time it is wonderful to spend time in a beautiful country? The answer is that you need a student visa. It is much more profitable than a tourist visa, for example, and more affordable. The most popular direction is studying English in Thailand. This service is provided by different language schools. For example, our school iSpeak provides a huge choice of directions for learning the language.

Why do I need a student visa to Thailand?

The first step is to say that a student visa to Thailand is the best option for those who plan to stay in the country for 12 months. At the same time, leaving the country for a certain time is not required. This is a feature of a tourist visa. A long period of stay in the country will allow you to learn the culture from within. The advantage of a visa is not only that one can be a year in the country, but also that it belongs to the class of nonimmigrant visas.


If you apply for a multiple study visa to Thailand, the student can freely travel and enter Thailand without problems. But, you can stay in the country only up to 3 months from the moment of entry. And if a one-time student visa is issued to Thailand, then every 3 months to leave the country and put the necessary seals and stamps to extend the visa.


Pros for obtaining a student visa to Thailand at iSpeak school

Preferring the language school iSpeak, you get a free student visa to Phuket. A free visa is provided for the entire period of study when you purchase 2 or 4 courses of study. By purchasing a visa to Phuket, you can forget about the migration service for a year. All questions are solved by specialists of the language school. Choose your plan for studying English and get a student visa in Thailand for free!

For the convenience of students wishing to go to Thailand to study languages, the procedure for obtaining a student visa has become simpler at times. It is not necessary to stand out the biggest queues, sacrifice your precious time, spend a lot of strength and patience. You can do it in minutes. To do this, just contact the consultant of our language school iSpeak for help. After collecting all the necessary documents, they can be sent to the school by mail. Specialists of the iSpeak school make out a visa and a ready-made package of documents can be obtained in advance remotely.


Visa registration for students takes 21 days from the date of submission of documents. What can be better and more convenient than such methods of obtaining a visa? Definitely nothing. The language school iSpeak is waiting for you in the ranks of its clients. We solve even the most difficult issues with the issuance of visas to Thailand.

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