Cellular Internet in Phuket

On the island of Phuket, there are three mobile operators: dtac, AIS (One To Call), TrueMove. All operators support 2g / 3g / 4g networks

You can buy a SIM card in any 7/11 or FamilyMart store, there are a lot of these shops, they work around the clock and find them easily.

For connection it is necessary to have a passport. The cost of the SIM card is 50-80 THB

For long-term use (more than a month) I advise you to choose a SIM card with no inscriptions - tourist, touristic, etc. tourist SIM cards can be limited life time and with incomprehensible special tariffs, often for the combination of factors is clearly more expensive / not more profitable / less functional than conventional tariffs.

Replenishment of the account: dtac and TrueMove in stores 7/11, it is enough to say - topAp dtek or refill dtek, enter the number on the cash register and name the amount. AIS is not replenished in 7/11.

Replenishment of AIS is a method of buying code and entering it into the phone. On the counter you say: uan-tu-call slip or uan-to-call refil card. In the first case they will print you a check with 16 digits, in the second case they will give a card with erasable fields (hello the beginning of zero ones). To enter the phone * 120 * code from the card / check # call.

Speed ​​and tariffs

All operators have tariffs with both speed limit of access to the network, but with unlimited traffic, and tariffs without speed limit, but with a traffic limit. Also, the tariffs are divided into their validity: one day, a week, a month.

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