Affiliate program

Phuket - a resort of world importance, annually attracting about 10 million. tourists. Tropical climate, gorgeous beaches, original culture, bounty islands of the water area - all this is the key to successful development of the tourism business in this location.

Phuket is actively developing and is in the center of attention of the government bodies of Thailand, a lot of attention is paid to the improvement, safety and ecology. The island is completely absent any industrial enterprises.

Phuket is an ideal place to relax and stay for a wide variety of groups, here harmoniously combined secluded deserted beaches and nightlife, luxury locations and areas with hostels, affordable food for independent budget travelers

We invite you to create your own tourism business on this truly amazing island, for our part, our company will provide you with all the necessary tools for this.

Successes in affairs!

Team GetPhuket Co., Ltd.

GetPhuket Co., Ltd. provides services for the organization of recreation and accommodation on the island of Phuket. The full list of services is available in the CATALOG section of the main page of the site. The work was organized and contracts were concluded with 428 local suppliers-companies.


We are ready to provide the client with a full range of services necessary for him to relax and stay on Phuket Island: excursions, solving visa formalities, receiving documents, opening bank accounts, learning languages, renting cars, flower delivery, organizing holidays in the sea, sea fishing, sailing flower delivery, rent or purchase of real estate, air tickets, insurance, tickets for local modes of transport, legal assistance.


The main goal of any commercial organization is to make a profit, but in turn we do not seek to maximize profits by reducing the quality of the services provided or by misleading (relative to local prices and quality) our customers.


This offer to enter the tourism business at one of the most popular resorts in the world, the company is ready to share its net income with any member of the Partner Program. The task of the Partner is to attract customers to our company's website through the tools available in the partner office.


The affiliate program is automatically available after the procedure of registering.

This section, including all subsections, is an integral part of the Rules of the Partner Program.

After registering as a partner, each person is assigned a unique Identification Number (hereinafter referred to as ID). The ID number (or symbols) will also be your unique bonus code for distribution to potential customers, let's talk about this later in the section - Sales Tools.

Accordingly, each registered partner receives a link of this type to his own store, where 1031 is your ID and unique coupon code for customers.

If you have registered under the simplified scheme - as a buyer, then before starting your business as a partner, you must fill out a form with personal data in the partner's Cabinet, this is necessary to eliminate errors when paying commission fees.

The task of the partner is to attract visitors to the site through its affiliate link using any methods not prohibited by the rules of the Affiliate Program.

After a potential client navigates to the site using your link, the system automatically records the partner visit and monitors the user's behavior on the site. More information about the methods of control and accounting will be written below in the section - Analytics and statistics.

In addition, the software part of the site puts a special marker code on the visitor’s computer (this is legal and written in the Security and Privacy Policy of the relevant section of the site, this is a common practice used by almost all Internet resources). A special marker code includes many parameters of the site visitor, including it contains your affiliate ID, therefore when you next visit this visitor to the site, the system also recognizes it as your client.

According to the rules of our Affiliate Program, tying a buyer to a partner is valid for an unlimited amount of time, for example, a partner who has attracted a buyer for a tour and received an appropriate reward for this will also receive a reward if this client purchases real estate after 3-5-10 years.

Each partner receives 35% of the Company's net profit, the formula for calculating the profit is specified in the Partnership Agreement. More information about the calculations of profit in the section - How much will I earn?

At the time of the launch of the Partnership Program, our company is ready to provide the first 50 partners with special conditions for cooperation: the first 50 partners will receive the status of a key partner and an additional opportunity to build their own sales department from the partners attracted by them to the partner network, and receive 10% of the earnings of the partners involved. After six months and collecting objective statistics on the work of key partners, the company may decide to expand the network of key partners. Also, the status - key partner can be assigned in a special order after contacting the administration.

The rights to a partnership can be inherited, transferred, sold, but first it is necessary to contact the administration of the resource with the appropriate appeal through the Support Service for receiving instructions.

In our cage there are more than 500 kinds of services and products. With each company - supplier concluded an agency agreement under which the agency fee is paid. Supplier companies are carefully selected and the services provided to them are personally verified by the team of our resource. All of them have the appropriate licenses and permits to conduct activities.


A full list of goods and services is available on the main page of the site in the CATALOG section.


Here we list only the main categories.



Yacht and Boat Rental

Property For Sale

Rental Property

Car rent


Flower delivery

Expat Services

The team of our resource is in constant search for new, interesting, useful for both tourists and permanently (periodically) residing citizens in Phuket.


Now in development are: rent of electric bicycles, the connection of cable television, delivery of cakes.

What should I do?

At this point, there is an opportunity to become a key partner. 50 seats available. In the future, perhaps we will open registration again, our possibilities are not limitless, therefore, for high-quality work with partners, the number of key partners will be limited to 50 for now.

The key partner has the ability to attract other partners to work and receive income from their activities.

10% of the income of the attracted Partner will be credited to the Key Partner.

That is, the Key Partner has the opportunity to build his own network of sellers and receive passive income from their activities.

For example: A Key Partner brings a Partner to the partner network, who, in turn, finds a buyer for a property worth 4 million baht. The developer company pays our company an agency fee in the amount of 10% or 400,000 baht of which 40,000 operating expenses, of the remaining 360,000, the company pays 126,000 to the Partner and, accordingly, 12,600 goes to the Key partner. The calculations are given for an example of understanding the operation of the system. Actual commissions may differ from case to case. We are ready to provide any Partner with copies of contracts with our counterparties, upon request.

The number of Partners a Key Partner has is unlimited. The report on the activities of the Partners can be seen in the Partner's Cabinet.

Each partner has its own unique ID and it is by this ID that the system identifies the buyer's affiliation with a specific partner.

Our development team has defined and implemented control over 25 scenarios of the behavior of the Client who came from the Partner.

Funds are credited to the partner account automatically after receipt of payment from the Client for the service to the Company's accounts and / or manually by the employees of the partner department every Saturday.

After crediting money to the partner account, the Partner has the opportunity to make a request to withdraw money.

Money is paid within 72 hours from the moment the withdrawal request is received.

The minimum payout from an affiliate account is THB 1,500.

Withdrawal of funds is carried out by bank transfer, crediting to a VISA / MasterCard card, in cash at the office, through payment systems: PayPal, Bitcoin

The Affiliate Program has the right to make payments to the Affiliate in a way that is different from the method specified in the payment request.