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Getting a N-day stamp. Border run from Phuket

Primarily please familiarize yourself with the visa policy of the Kingdom of Thailand regarding the citizens of your country


One of the easiest ways to extend legal residence in the Kingdom of Thailand is to travel to a neighboring country for border crossing and return entry. The result of such a trip you will have a N-day stamp in your passport that allows you to legally stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for the above-mentioned period.

There are three possible solutions to this issue:

1. Independent travel by car or bike

The length of the route is about 320 kilometers one way to the pier in Ranong (border town)

After passing the customs formalities at the exit, you will need to find a boatman who will take you to the border of Burma, the cost of this service is 300-700 ฿, as agreed.

At the border in Burma's immigration office, you need to have $ 10 in cash - a local fee. Immigration office is located directly on the pier, on the right side of the pier.

The procedure for entry and exit to the Republic of Myanmar takes about an hour on average (depending on the workload of the office). The result will be a stamp in the passport with notes on visiting this wonderful country.

Cost of independent travel:

1. Gasoline (on the average from the calculation of the auto 8l / 100km) - 1500฿

2. Boatman - 500฿

3. Collection in the Burma Immigration Office - 320฿

4. Food, water (very average) - 300฿

Total: 2620฿

It is necessary to have:

1. Passport with a validity period of not less than 6 months from the date of the return entry into the Kingdom of Thailand

2. 20 000฿ in cash (or in dollar equivalent)

3. Return ticket for departure / departure from Thailand.

4. Confirmed hotel reservation or rental contract with a copy of the owner's ID..

2. Group trip for a stamp with a specialized company

The three-year experience of living in Thailand and the constant reading of very sad stories in social networks about the problems that arise when I travel independently for the stamp to the nearby borders have led me to one simple conclusion: to use the services of companies more conveniently, more reliably and often cheaper.

Such activities are carried out by many companies on the island of Phuket, but for themselves (from personal experience) and reviews chose one A&B VISARUN. Adequate drivers - observing the high-speed regime and traffic rules in general, a decent level of service, many years of successful experience in solving sometimes the most difficult visa issues.

Departure from Phuket three times a week - Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, book a place in advance (at least a day, in peak months it is better to take care of it one week before departure) - You can leave a request here or in the chat with the manager (during office hours)

You will be picked up depending on the area at 5:00 - 6:00 in the morning. Usually the collection point is a large store / refueling / market located close to you.

The driver-manager at the meeting will check the documents, pass his passport and pay the cost of the trip - ฿ 1800, if you paid through our service, your names will alreadybe on the list with the driver marked - PAID.

Also you will receive from the driver a breakfast-lunchbox: juice packed 200ml, a banana, a patty with pineapple, water negaz - 350 ml

The first stop on the route (10-15 minutes) will be around 9 am, there is an opportunity to visit the store 7/11, toulet, smoke

About 11-30 arrival at the pier - border crossing Ranong. The driver - manager will assist with all paper procedures (if necessary)

 About 12 o'clock in the afternoon we are loaded on a ship that will take us to the pier-border of Burma

The ship certainly looks a little worse than the minibus, but it is quite reliable. Going on the water will take about 30 minutes


Registration on the border of Burma - conveyor. A fee of $ 10 is already included in the ticket price and you do not need to pay anything extra. Passports will pass the manager, you just have to wait until your name is called and go to the officer of the immigration office for formalities.

Registration of the whole group takes about 30 minutes. By the way, there is a dyuti-free shop (well, like that), the boat manager will offer to buy cigarettes - alcohol. For alcohol, I will not say anything, but cigarettes are 4 times cheaper than in Thailand, the blue Winston block is ฿ 300.

We are loaded back to the boat and about two days we return to the Thai border

For 20-30 minutes we convey the border, no additional tickets /contracts/certificates/cash are not needed.

We get a N-day stamp.

When landing in a minibus, the driver will give a menu in which you can choose a dish. After 15 minutes there will be a stop for lunch.

The food is quite edible, I chose rice with shrimp, the serving contained 7 shrimps.

At about 15:00 we load into the bus and go to Phuket. In a couple of hours there will also be a stop - refueling / shop / restroom / smoke

Arrive in Phuket around 8pm.

A very interesting way to see the real life of Thailand and Burma and simultaneously get a stamp. Bring a camera with you. The form of clothing is sports and tourist.

If you have any questions or want to reserve - write to the manager in the chat or leave a request - HERE

3. Independent flight to Malaysia

One of the options for obtaining a stamp is to visit Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur or Georgetown on Penang Island

This method suits those who receive the second stamp, in this case, immigration control officers do not strictly review your documents and they do not have questions about the purpose of your stay in Thailand, if the third stamp is the fourth one, etc., it is better to use option 2 of this articles or make a tourist or student visa.

We are looking at ticket prices - HERE

When planning a trip for a week, you can find very low-cost options


Some travelers do this one day. But according to the immigration control officer, in this case, the probability of getting an additional check is increased and the entrance to Thailand is refused.

Therefore, we recommend that you stay in Malaysia for one day, there is a lot to see there.

It is necessary to have:

1. Passport with a validity period of not less than 6 months from the date of the return entry into the Kingdom of Thailand

2. 20 000 ฿ in cash (or in dollar equivalent)

3. Return ticket for departure / departure from Thailand, before the end of the 30-day stamp (How to make a reservation - written HERE)

4. Confirmed hotel reservation or rental contract with a copy of the owner's ID.

For example entry to Malaysia for Russian citizens, visa-free for 30 days 

Kuala Lumpur - metropolitan life, clubs, shopping, temples - you can combine business with pleasure and take HERE a two-day tour of the all-inclusive program (or write to the manager)

In the case of an independent journey, the cost of living with this RESOURCE varies from ฿126/day for a hostel to ฿1197/day for a 5 star hotel

Georgetown is included in many tourist ratings as a place to MAST HAVE. Colonial architecture, magnificent coffee, modern shopping centers, fascinating excursions - all this organically combines in this amazing city.

The hostel in Georgetown can be booked from our partner - HERE from ฿112, naturally there are also hotels of varying degrees of stardom (you can search by the above link), at the time of writing the article, a 5-star hotel was priced from ฿1964

If you have any questions or need to resolve the issue of legal residence in the Kingdom of Thailand, please contact us in any convenient way presented on our website and be sure to find the best solution to your question.

Have a nice holiday in Phuket!

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